Portland Puzzle Exchange

We are a small but growing group of jigsaw puzzle fans here in the Portland area, and like most of you, none of us really have any interest in doing the same puzzle a second time.  (And it always seems like such a shame to sell a perfectly good puzzle at a garage sale for twenty-five cents!)

The group started in 2006 and has been run by several sets of volunteers as previous coordinators have passed away or moved.

We get together every month (our schedule rotates among third Sundays, third Mondays, and third Fridays to accommodate the most people), and we trade our completed puzzles with our friends for ones we haven’t done yet.

The more folks we add, the more diverse the range of puzzles we’ll all have to work our way through.

If you’d be interested in knowing more, check out the other pages on the website. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to be notified about meeting dates and other news, please drop us a note.

*** If your email provider is Yahoo, or AOL, you may or may not be able to receive our emails. These providers often delay or return our emails as SPAM, whether we send them singly or in batches. ***
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